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“I had a soul reading done with Corilee. This was my first time doing anything like this so I was very nervous at first but Corilee made me feel soo comfortable. She is so kind and compassionate. Her energy is so positive and loving. We did some visualization exercises and at one point I burst out crying because we uncovered my purpose and it felt so good to talk about it. I was very satisfied and grateful for the experience to connect with Corliee. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking some guidance and direction in life. You will definitely benefit from talking to her."

G. Ahmadi

“I recently had a Soul Reading with Corilee and the whole experience was magical! Corilee is such a warm, generous and trustworthy soul. I came to the reading with a few questions and topics that I wanted to discuss, and after the reading I left on such a positive note. The whole experience was so enlightening and powerful. The topics and questions I had going in were all answered, even some thoughts that I had been having regarding the topic were confirmed. After the call, I really appreciated that Corilee sent me a recording so that I could review the reading on my own. Thank you!"

Michaela Katz

"Corilee’s approach is upbeat, warm, open, and curious. She has a beautiful way of holding a safe space to explore and reclaim parts of myself that have been stuffed away, disregarded and ignored...I find myself experiencing life with more clarity, curiosity and FUN!"
A. J. McBride

"Corilee Fox was born to coach! She is inquisitive, a great listener, and a fabulous strategist. As a new business owner, she helped keep me accountable through goal-setting and one-to-one business coaching. It’s like chatting with a great friend who is also a fantastic motivator."

Laura Cormier, Workplace Therapeutics

"Corilee helped me find the courage to get to work on adding a new service to my business. While developing my marketing materials she provided guidance around which elements to include to make sure it covered the bases for prospective clients. She was instrumental in helping me stay focused and because of her I stayed on track and met my timing goals. Corilee provided an effective and wonderful service."

"Corilee is always at the top of my list of guest speakers for my Clarity Seekers Community. Her intuitive coaching style is always welcome. She is a master at handling a sensitive audience while navigating sensitive topics. Corilee can make a room full of strangers feel comfortable and at ease with her warm coaching style. She intuitively knows what needs to be done to help your team rise above the limitations they may be feeling on their journey. I love that she is always prepared and professional in every way. She continues to be an extraordinary asset to my community."
Ann Perry, Numerologist

"Thank you Corilee! You have such a calming , supportive and loving way about you."
Deena Rocco

"As a 50+ year old proud GenXer male the 'suck it up and move on' mantra is an ingrained part of me, so when it was suggested that I talk to someone about the stress I was feeling at work I immediately poo pooed the idea. A friend suggested I talk to Corilee. …Boy am I glad I did, Corilee was easy to talk to, understanding, helped narrow down the things causing the stress and provided some great advice and techniques to help deal with them. I would highly recommend a coaching session with Corilee for anyone dealing with stress who needs help and some pointers for dealing with it."
Mark M.

"Thank you for the Soul Reading Corilee, this helped me so much. My heart is full of gratitude. Your words were so supportive and full of love."

"Thank you so much for the Soul Reading for my business. I've had issues putting myself out there confidently and it was just what I needed. I found it grounding, motivating and so helpful!"
Kelly M.