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When we feel lost, disconnected, stuck or uncertain it’s an opportunity to investigate what’s underneath and reconnect to ourselves. I guide clients as they walk through that self healing journey and often recommend supportive tools and practices that promote self awareness and self acceptance.

Intuitive Online Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you’re focused on living a more authentic life, planning or growing a business, let’s get the intuitive guidance to help you move forward.  

Intuitive Coaching will help you:
- Move forward toward more fulfilled, wholehearted living.
- Get past doubt, fear and imposter syndrome.
- Solve job frustrations that are draining your energy.
- Work through overeating, overdrinking etc. stress responses.
- Get in touch with your inner guidance system.
- Push past your money blocks to a life of abundance and security.

Business Mentoring will help you:
- Find your unique purpose and calling.
- Plan, build and nurture your business.
- Put yourself “out there” with honesty and authenticity.
- Get organized - prioritize, focus and follow through.
- Build strong relationships with clients, partners and employees.
- Move to an abundance mindset without burning out.

Readings & Energy Sessions

When you’re stuck or out of balance a positive energetic download can be just what the doctor ordered! 

Soul Readings for Guidance
Join me for a deep intuitive reading that will help remind you who you really are, your strengths, your purpose and the direction that’s ahead for you in your life. Soul Readings give you the information to take back your power and move forward in your life. I download guidance from the Akashic Records and your Higher Self, the wisest part of yourself that has a main line to your Soul. It’s a great way to get guidance and direction as well as answers to your questions, such as:
- What do I need to know/learn/see/hear?
- What should I pay more attention to?
- What does my heart want me to know?
- What limiting belief is holding me back?

Reiki Energy Sessions for Rebalancing
I can’t live without regular reiki treatments and as a Reiki Master since 2013, I’ve helped many others get back into balance as well. Book a distance reiki session and you'll receive 60 minutes of positive healing energy for your mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a great way to feel more calm, grounded and centred when life is crazy and demanding. We’ll connect beforehand on specific issues that you’d like addressed - mental, physical or emotional. I will share the insight and guidance I receive during the treatment with you after the session.

Speaking Engagements, Education and Training

As seen from my videos on Tik Tok and Instagram, I inspire my followers on topics ranging from mindset and manifestation to personal and spiritual growth. I give people the insights that help them tap into who we really are so they can live more authentically by moving along their personal self healing journeys. If you're looking for a podcast or community guest speaker, contact me about topics and availability.

Let's Work Together

Book online Coaching sessions, a Soul Reading or a distance Reiki Session at the link below. Coaching and Soul Reading sessions will be held virtually via Google Meet.

Contact me with any questions - I look forward to working with you!

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