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I’ve developed the following resources to help you on your self healing journey. I plan to put out more so provide your email by grabbing my free meditation below and you’ll get notified of new additions.

How To Cut Energetic Cords Workbook

Is there a friend or family member in your life who constantly triggers you? Energetic cord cutting can help. This 12-page e-workbook provides journal prompts, step-by-step instructions and 3 additional ways to manage your energy around difficult people.

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Develop Your Intuition Online Course

If you’re looking to develop or deepen your intuition this course is for you. It’s made up of 10 videos including 7 lessons and 3 powerful guided meditations. This course will give you the tools to help you let go of doubt and connect with your inner guidance.

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Manage Your Emotions Free Video

Do you either suppress your emotions or get completely overwhelmed by them? There is a middle path that helps you get curious about your emotions and stay in control. My free video will walk you through the 4 steps of RAIN to help you manage and learn from your emotions.

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