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About Corilee Fox

When I worked in the corporate world I desperately needed to destress and that’s how I discovered yoga and meditation. Having spent so many years numb to my body and emotions, those practices really changed things for me. I couldn’t wait to start sharing and teaching. I was amazed by how a simple movement or breathing technique could completely shift how I and my students felt.

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That really kickstarted my self-healing journey. I researched more tools like how to manage the nervous system and emotions and then how to go deeper and heal the things that keep us stuck - like learning to set boundaries and ask for what we need, feeling good enough, letting go of the “feel bads”, dealing with being emotionally triggered by people and situations. I love talking about these topics on my TikToks and Instagram reels!

So many of my obstacles - limiting beliefs, old patterns - trip me up but when I look at them and work with them I can move past them. So I help clients do the same for their personal lives as well as their entrepreneurial journey.

As I’ve integrated and healed more parts of myself my intuition has grown and I’ve been able to connect with my higher self and spirit guides for guidance and direction. I trained in opening the Akashic Records and now offer Soul Readings as well. Clients join me for Soul Readings when they want to go deeper in understanding the purpose and context for the challenges they’re faced with. The readings are always positive and supportive and provide deeper insight that helps clients shift their perspective and understand how to move forward.

I named my company Up And To The Right because I support people in finding their own version of success and work with them to remove the blockers that keep it out of reach.

Book a Soul Reading
to get clarity and guidance on directions or input on an issue. Or if you know where you’re going but need help getting there, book a coaching session and we’ll get to work clearing the stuckness and get you moving forward.

Please contact me with any questions you have - I look forward to working with you!

Akashic Record Reading Training 2021
Coaching Training from the Mindfulness Coaching School
200 hour Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher
Reiki Master

BA in Communications from Simon Fraser
Marketer, Project and Operations Manager for high tech companies
Past and present small business owner
Passive income stream entrepreneur

@corileeupandtotheright Often when shame was used to keep us in line as kids we continue that as adults - instead of it being a mistake it’s proof that we’re terrible humans. Here’s how to deal with a shame spiral #shamespiral #shame #childhoodwounds #childhoodtraumahealing #dysfuntionalparents #narcissistparent ♬ original sound - Corilee - Up & To The Right